Our projects are multiple programs in new constructions and rehabilitations.

We work in fields of public and private equipments, tertiary works, housing as well as large-scale logistical and industrial works.


Pragmatism and functionality are the heart of our approach.

In the study and design phase, we produce several architectural solutions in plans and volumes to be able to judge the advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

This approach offers the opportunity to create an open dialogue with our various building contractor.

The SANTER VANHOOF agency was born from the meeting between 2 architects, 2 generations, sharing the same values and vision of the architecture.


Nicolas Santer has been managing the agency since 2017. He has worked as agency manager in several architecture firms and has built up a solid experience on large-scale projects in the region of Hauts de France and Parisian area.


Christian Van Hoof managed the CVH agency from 1980, succeeding to his father who created the agency in the 50s.


Our agency integrates the skills of urban and architectural design, of technical drawing entirely in 3D BIM model and construction management.

Our target is to respect the budget allowance for each project, that is why we have the building economy skill internally.

For each project, the Agency associates its specialist partners, such as technical design offices, landscapers, acousticians…


Located in Dunkerque and Lille (France), our geographic scope is developing on the national territory as well as on occasional projects internationally.